Responsibilities as an employer

Nannies are not independent contractors but are employees of the famly for whom they work for, by engaging a nanny you are an employer and need to be aware of the rules and regulations that come with this.

it is your responsibility to register as an employer and to pay social insurance contributions on your nanny's behalf.

if you do not declare, or only declare a part of the hours your nanny worked, you may recieve a substanial fine.

  • Provide your nanny with an employment contract

  • Register as an employer

  • Pay Employer's social  Insurance Contributions

  • deducting the employee social insurance contributions from the  and paying them to the appropriate institutions.

  • Have accident insurance  insurance in place

  • Enrol eligible employees into a qualifying pension scheme

  • Deduct taxes when your nanny is liable to pay tax at source

  • Provide your nanny with a salary certificate at the end of the year.

If this all sounds overwhelming , there are nanny payroll compagnies who can help
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