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The Caring Community

Our Goals 

  • Promote legal work and inform its members and the general public about the risk of undeclared work.


  • Increase the number of qualified nannies by offering training to initiate and strengthen their skills.


  • Propose to its members events related to the area of activity of nannies and au pairs.


  • Create and animate an online platform where members can form an active community.


  • Make available to its members a collection of documents on all aspects of domestic work ( documents to download, internet links, contact addresses,.. . ) 


  • Inform members through the website about events organized by the association and any other activities or initiatives related to the association.

Our 3 Pillars 

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  • Monthly get together.

  • Special Events

  • Pop in: Activities for children


Unite nannies, create a stronger community and increase recognition of and support for nannies in the workplace

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  • First Aid

  • CPR

  • Positive Discipline 


Increase professional standards by offering courses in continuing professional development

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  • Know your Rights!

  • Personal Guidance


Raise awareness of nannying as a profession.

Make employers familiar with the necessary administrative tasks related to employing a nanny

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