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Our 2020 Campaign 

Throughout the outbreak of the Covid -19 Pandemic in Switzerland, worrying information and grave concerns regarding the reality some domestic workers are now living has been brought to our attention. 

This campaign aims to cover four main goals:

  • Reach and distribute protective equipment to the most vulnerable domestic workers in need.

  • It is important to SNA to raise awareness amongst the general public of the serious situations domestic workers have been put through during this time, as well as, make sure the domestic workers are aware of their rights.

  • SNA will represent all domestic workers and will voice the information and concerns regarding the reality some domestic workers are living.

  • Whilst carrying out a survey to as many domestic workers as possible, SNA will have an overview of the whole situation in Switzerland and have statistics on the concerns raised.


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About Us

The Swiss Nanny Association (SNA) is a non-profit organization that aims to be the number one reference in Switzerland for in-home childcare by providing information, guidance and education to its members.


The establishment of our organization was absolutely essential to regulate the field of domestic employment and give support to nannies and families. 


Due to increasing demand for in-home childcare we would like to: unite nannies and families; create a stronger community; raise awareness of nannying as a profession; and increase recognition of and support for nannies in the workplace. We want to increase nannies' professional standards by offering courses in continuing professional development and to help families with the necessary administrative tasks related to employing a home-based childcare professional.

Our Mission

Raise professional standards by promoting legal employment and quality in home childcare.


  • SNA is a non-profit organization dedicated to raise industry standards and increase recognition and support for professional nannies. 

  • We inform families about the necessary administrative tasks related to legal employment.

  • We increase the number of qualified nannies by organising courses in continuing professional development.

A small donation can make a big difference!


We set up fundraisers with a specific goal, for example, our successful campaign to distribute masks and hand sanitizer to domestic workers.

But donations are always welcome because every little can make a huge difference and supporting others can’t wait.


SNA - Swiss Nanny Association

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