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Community !

About Us


The Swiss Nanny Association (SNA) is a non-profit organisation, founded by professional nannies  in 2016 in order to support nannies working in Switzerland. 


SNA is dedicated to raising industry standards and increasing recognition and support for nannies by providing our members  with a community, guidance and education.

We inform families on how to proceed with the employment of their nannies in compliance with the local and national regulations.

With over 150  members, Swiss Nanny Association is the biggest and fastest growing Nanny Community in Switzerland. 

Our nanny members come from all around the world, and are of various ages and backgrounds. Currently there are 36 nationalities represented in SNA! 

SNA is registered as a non profit organisation in Geneva. 

A fully regulated nanny industry, with legal employment and fair wages.

We aim for a higher quality childcare carried out by empowered and trained nannies so that every child has the best childcare possible.

Our Vision

Raise professional standards by promoting legal employment and quality in home childcare.


Our 3 Pillars 

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  • Monthly get together.

  • Special Events

  • Pop in: Activities for children


Unite nannies, create a stronger community and increase recognition of and support for nannies in the workplace.


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  • First Aid

  • CPR

  • Positive Discipline 

  • 21/21


Increase nannies' professional standards by offering courses in continuing professional development. 


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  • Know your Rights!

  • Personal Guidance


Raise awareness of nannying as a profession.

Make employers familiar with the necessary administrative tasks related to employing a nanny. 

Our Goals 

  • Promote legal work and inform its members and the general public about the risk of undeclared work.


  • Increase the number of qualified nannies by offering training to initiate and strengthen their skills.


  • Propose to its members events related to the area of activity of nannies and au pairs.


  • Create and animate an online platform where members can form an active community.


  • Make available to its members a collection of documents on all aspects of domestic work ( documents to download, internet links, contact addresses,.. . ) 


  • Inform members through the website about events organized by the association and any other activities or initiatives related to the association.

Our Committee 


Kelly Corstjens 


Helena Martins 




Michelle Hamel 



Be a Part
of our 

A small donation can make a big difference!


We set up fundraisers with a specific goal, for example, our successful campaign to distribute masks and hand sanitizer to domestic workers.

But donations are always welcome because every little can make a huge difference and supporting others can’t wait.


SNA - Swiss Nanny Association

Account: 14-400534-3

IBAN: CH18 0900 0000 1440 0534 3


I realised that in over 10 years as a nanny not one employer had paid me over the legal minimum wage  let alone close to the market salary in Zurich or in Basel!
SNA gave me the information and the correct way of wording so I was able to ask for a raise. 
I also learned a lot about industry standards,  for example banking hours. 

L. , Member since 2019