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Increase professional standards by offering courses in continuing professional development

Engaging in ongoing training, attending relevant conferences, and ensuring your CPR and First Aid certifications are up to date not only enhances your professional image but also makes a significant impression on families seeking a nanny.


By actively participating in training sessions, you demonstrate your deep commitment to your profession and a genuine interest in acquiring knowledge that will empower you to excel in your role. This commitment extends to your motivation to remain well-informed and adept, reflecting your proactive approach to staying current in the field.


Investing in your professional development not only benefits you but also reassures families that they are entrusting their children to a dedicated and highly competent caregiver. It's a win-win that underscores your commitment to providing the best possible care for their loved ones."


We strongly advocate for the importance of First Aid and CPR training for all our members. To facilitate this, we have partnered with Healthfirst, our preferred provider of First Aid and CPR courses. 


We have successfully organized numerous training sessions in collaboration with Healthfirst, consistently receiving outstanding feedback from participants. The positive impact is evident: nearly all participants report an increased sense of confidence when caring for children. 


The courses are designed to be comprehensive and highly informative, equipping members with vital skills and knowledge. Beyond the educational aspect, these courses provide a unique opportunity for nannies to connect with one another, fostering a sense of community among professionals.


As an SNA member participating in Healthfirst courses, you can expect the following benefits:


- Special discounted rates exclusively for our members.

- A personalized logo that you can proudly include on your CV, showcasing your commitment to child safety and professional development.


“ I really liked the First Aid and CPR courses that I took with SNA.
It was an advantage for my new job and I finally know what to do in case of an emergency”
Miriam, SNA member
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