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SNA is more than just a voluntary membership organization; it's a community of professional nannies and agencies dedicated to promoting and practicing the best industry standards. We are proud to have reputable agency members who share our belief in the importance of quality childcare. 


Our agency members are not just here to support us; they are here to support you, employers and nannies alike. When it comes to finding the perfect match, we encourage families and nannies to choose a licensed nanny agency. 

SNA Agency members

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Welcome to our nanny agency, a unique and caring service dedicated to supporting nannies across Switzerland. At our agency, we hold a distinct commitment to both nannies and families, and we take pride in connecting nannies with families who not only seek childcare assistance but also value and respect the worth of their dedicated caregivers. Our mission is to create harmonious and nurturing environments for both nannies and the families they serve. We believe that exceptional childcare starts with happy and well-supported nannies, and it is our pleasure to facilitate these valuable connections. 


What SNA looks for in an agency member?

  • The agency has a Seco license and is operating legally in Switzerland

  • The agency shares our vision and is willing to raise the bar

  • The agency also keeps the nanny’s best interest in mind and does not only see the families as customers and ideally follows up after placement.

  • Agencies engaged to be a SNA member will make sure that every candidate will be screened prior to meeting the family.

  • Agencies will perform every possible check (Background Criminal Record, First Aid and CPR certificates plus at least 2 years’ experience of working with children and contactable references).

Potential risks when not using a licensed agency:


  •  High probability of unsuitable nanny candidates

  •  Limited understanding of changing Federal and cantonal laws and regulations

  •  A risk of signing a contract that turns out to be illegal, which can result in a fine for the family​

  •  Lack of professionalism or financial stability

  •  No follow up after placement for nannies or parents

  •  No guarantee policy (replacement) if the initial placement is unsuccessful

* In Switzerland, private sector recruitment is an activity governed by the Federal Act of 6, October 1989 on recruitment and the hiring of services  and, as such, is subject to authorization (license).

Under this Act, recruitment agencies established outside of Swiss territory are not authorized to recruit for jobs in Switzerland. Neither are they allowed to recruit job seekers in Switzerland for jobs abroad. Agencies established outside Swiss territory involved in recruitment activities with relevance to Switzerland are liable to fines of up to CHF 100 000.


In addition, any persons who, in their capacity as an employer, should have recourse to the services of a non-authorized agency, are liable to fines of up to CHF 40 000. 

Are you the owner of a SECO Licensed Agency?



To register, please take the time to fill out the information below and a SNA  volunteer will contact you.

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