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1. Which canton do you live?


Are you an SNA Member 

yes / no / not anymore 


2. What was your age range when you first contacted SNA: 18 -25; 25 - 30; 30- 40; 40-50; 50 - 60; more than 60?


3. How have you heard about SNA?


4. How have you got in contact with SNA?



5.1 Why did you reach out to SNA? a) I needed legal help regarding some issues I was having at my job b) I wanted to get to know the nanny community c) I just arrived to the country and wanted to get information about salary/conditions/ laws/contract/etc. Please choose all the options that were applicable for you.


5.2 If you were having issues at work can you describe which ones?


5.3 Did you try to find help before reaching out to SNA?


5.3.1 If yes, which means did you use?


5.4. Did SNA manage to help you out with your issue(s)?


5.4.1 If yes, from 1 being the minimun and 10 the maximum, how much would you rate SNA help?


Why SNA was different




6.1 After getting in contact with SNA values, information, and actions did you feel confident in our ability to help?


6.2 Have you used SNA knowledge and share with other people?


6.2.1 If yes, can you estimate more or less how many people you have you talked about SNA?



7.1 Have you made friends at SNA that you keep in touch regularly?

7.2 If yes, how many?


8. How much knowledge about the nanying profession in Switzerland would you feel you would know if you would not have known SNA? Lets say on a scale from 0 to 10 and 10 being what you know now about nanying in Switzerland

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