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8 ways you can support us without opening your wallet!

The holidays are a wonderful time for giving and sharing, but sometimes it can be hard to do everything we would like within our budget.

The following are eight ways you can support us without opening your wallet!

1. Support our mission:

Raise professional standards by promoting legal employment and quality in home childcare.

  • Refuse jobs that are not 100% legal

  • Declared work.. always

2. Volunteer

SNA has no paid staff - we only exists because of the incredible amount of time given by so many volunteers!

3. Volunteer your skills

Consider volunteering your specific skill set

4. Use Shopdonation

Shopdonation will send a portion of your purchase revenue to SNA!

5. Non-monetary donations

You might also have items sitting around unused in your home that you can donate without spending money! We are especially happy with arts and crafts material, childcare books for our library and clothes. We will organise a clothes sale again in 2023

6. Write a review and give us feedback

7. Share / Like our posts on social media

Tell your friends about us! Follow our social media and share our posts.

8. Encourage others to join our Association

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