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How Can Nannies Protect Themselves from Gift Card Scheme Scammers?

Many nannies have shared troubling stories of being swindled by scammers.

While some have unfortunately lost money, others have managed to steer clear of these traps.

How do the scammers Operate?

  • Scammers post on social media and job-matching platforms, pretending they are looking for a nanny.

  • These postings often lack crucial details about the job, such as location and responsibilities, yet promise good wages.

  • Once communication is established, scammers swiftly arrange meetings, at their residence, which is just a random address.

  • They create a sense of urgency, urging nannies to rush over immediately, claiming emergencies.

  • Scammers fabricate emergencies, pressuring nannies into making purchases, like groceries and gift cards, such as App Store cards.

  • They demand instant photos of the card codes.

  • Any resistance or suggestion of alternative payment methods, like TWINT, is met with hostility and rudeness.

Stay Alert!

  • Be cautious of job offers lacking specific details.

  • Verify the legitimacy of potential employers before committing to meetings or transactions.

  • Prioritize safety by meeting in public places or use seco licensed agencies for initial discussions.

  • Trust your instincts – if something feels off, proceed with caution.

  • Avoid transactions involving gift cards.

 Let's work together to safeguard our community against financial exploitation!

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