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How to hire a Summer Nanny.

As the school year is soon coming to an end, we see many families have started searching for a summer nanny.

A nanny is a great solution for childcare during the long summer holidays.

A nanny can provide tailored care specific to your families needs.

Your children can follow your family’s routines while discovering new games and places.

As always, SNA promotes quality childcare standards.

With many outings and water activities planned in summer, First Aid and CPR are essential!

Screening someone for a temporary position is as important as hiring a long term employee, your summer nanny will be just as responsible for your kids as a long term nanny.

What are the procedures that must be followed to hire a nanny on a short term basis?

The same rules apply for short term work as for long term work:

  • Private households may only employ Swiss citizens, persons with a residency permit or EU/EFTA citizens

  • All hours worked in a private household need to be declared to the compensation office. (The only exception are young people, born between 1994 and 2001 earning less then CHF 750.- a year).

  • When the monthly salary exceeds CHF 1777.50, pension fund contributions must also be paid, i.e. the employer must join a pension fund. Foreign employees must also pay withholding tax, which the employer has to deduct from their salary and settle with the relevant tax authority.

  • An accident insurance policy is obligatory by law. A non-work related accident insurance policy will be required if your nanny works more than eight hours a week.

  • If the position lasts a maximum of 3 months or 90 days in the calendar year, the employer has to register the employee online.

What about Au Pairs?

To hire a summer au pair, all criteria of the au pair program need to be met. In short these are: maximum 30h a week of which only 15 can be solo care, language classes are usual and the focus needs to be on the cultural exchange.

Au Pairs need to be declared and registered the same as nannies.

Is all this administrative work really required for just a few weeks of childcare?

Yes, all the admin work is needed, regardless the length of the position.

Our partner can take the administrative burden out of your hands, you can be sure that your summer nanny/au pair is hired legally and all legal requirements are fulfilled. also provides a work contract template to establish an effective working relationship between you and your nanny.

Special offer:

To support our work as SNA and your peace of mind as employer of a summer nanny, offers you a 3-month premium abo for a flat-rate tarif of 329 CHF, by using the following code: SummerNanny2019.

Please note: You can only enter the code after successful registration – under “payments” in your personal myquitt- area.

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